star wars identities 

  3. and stoned :D


     cat  exotic shorthair 

  4. my cat is being high with catnip :D


     cat  exotic shorthair 


     bungie day  bungie  7th july  one sketch a day  sketch  doodle  Moleskine 


     sailor moon  sailor v  sketch  one sketch a day  doodle  Moleskine 


     sketch  one sketch a day  moleskine  doodle  star wars  r2d2  rebel alliance 


     sketch  doodle  one sketch a day  moleskine  cat  glasses 

  9. happy birthday mr nuggets! :D

    here’s your request, angry turian.  i actually thought about making the real ‘cos-play’ for my cat, but running out of my time, but still my cat is disguising as your favorite catbug :D

    i put other photos ‘work in progress’ for fun :)  don’t mention anything about my desk please, i know it’s a real mess :D


     angry turian  catbug  gaming 


     borderlands the pre-sequel  nisha  one sketch a day  doodle  sketch  gaming 

  11. Pokémon centre Paris with unikitty :D


     unikitty  Pokémon center Paris 

  12. eating with unikitty :)



  13. touring in Paris with my friend from London with unikitty :D


     unikitty  paris 

  14. been to friend’s wedding with unikitty :)



  15. heroes everywhere…


     sketch  one sketch a day  doodle  moleskine  kitty  xmen  days of future past  unikitty  spiderman