1. i want this jade rabbit t-shirt to hop on the moon! :D

    i want this jade rabbit t-shirt to hop on the moon! :D


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  2. my first raid went well :) happy to get nice stuff :D  lots for my gears to level up!  and i got a legendary ship, but it looks a little boring………  is there any exotic ship?!
    by the way, my exotic pet is fine :)


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  3. i have destiny on PS4 and XBOXone.  i play hunter on PS, and warlock on XBOX.  my hunter got an exotic helm for warlock.  please Bungie, i am twice more paying for destiny, let my warlock on XBOX to wear that one.

    by the way, i have an exotic pet.  my cat’s race is ‘exotic shorthair’ :D  bringing me all the good luck, super Dinah d’Eldorado. (his official full name looks superb, isn’t it? :D)


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     one sketch a day  doodle  sketch  Moleskine  gaming  destiny 


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  8. and stoned :D


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  9. my cat is being high with catnip :D


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  14. happy birthday mr nuggets! :D

    here’s your request, angry turian.  i actually thought about making the real ‘cos-play’ for my cat, but running out of my time, but still my cat is disguising as your favorite catbug :D

    i put other photos ‘work in progress’ for fun :)  don’t mention anything about my desk please, i know it’s a real mess :D


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