sketch  one sketch a day  doodle  Moleskine  sailor moon 


     borderlands: the pre-sequel  doodle  sketch  one sketch a day  moleskine  gaming  athena 


     sketch  one sketch a day  doodle  Moleskine  catbug 


     sketch  one sketch a day  doodle  moleskine  sailor moon 

  5. been to see the marvel heroes exhibition before watching captain america the winter soldier.  very interesting to experience to see the same thing in the film and the exhibition hall.

    my titanfall finally reached lv.50.  just on time before finishing 31st of march.  but i don’t know what is this xbox-one challenge system, are they giving us anything for that?  i want titanfall wallpaper for xbox-one.  i want to customize my dashboard.


     sketch  one sketch a day  doodle  Moleskine 


     kill la kill  キルラキル  sketch  one sketch a day  doodle  anime  moleskine 

  7. happy birthday mr wrench :D

    sorry not finished coloring yet…..  but you will let me play burial at sea episode 2 tonight? :)


     bioshock  doodle  sketch 

  8. titan is not falling…


     sketch  one sketch a day  doodle  l'art des super-héros  Moleskine  gaming 

  9. happy st. patrick’s day!  look at my new room shoes!  they must be made for me :)


     st patrick's day  doodle  sketch  one sketch a day  Moleskine  room shoes 

  10. my Titan finally fell off from the sky, but so heavy to take back home, made my arms tired… and the t-shirt is only one size, too big for me, how come? titanfall is the game that everyone play as a female, no??? :)


     titanfall  gaming  cat  doodle  sketch  one sketch a day  moleskine 

  11. titanfalling & dinah of the day


     sketch  one sketch a day  doodle  gaming  titanfall  cat  Moleskine 

  12. spring has come, ready to be fall in love with titanfall :)


     sketch  one sketch a day  doodle  Moleskine  gaming  titanfall  cat 

  13. i like spend time in tea room, so i did, doodling and eating cakes!  but this cafe is so holy!  look at the menu carefully!  ’blessed chocolate’?! ‘tea with elixir of roses’?!?!  whaaaaat?!

    i like all the good foods, thank goodness, my friends took me native local area, but why the dinner time (well, tapas time) is starting so late? :)

    and of course Gaudi, the hotel was located just behind the sagrada familia, such a view!  in a way very surrealistic.



  14. I was in Barcelona for WE.  had lots of fun :)

    Ms B says Barcelona is Catalonia, not Spain, i know, but still for me, it is a part of Spain, and i do like whatsoever i experienced there :)

    the photos are Barcelona from my point of view, quite magical, aren’t they?!  and ‘destiny’ is right in front of me, always in my sight while working :D



  15. happy birthday zodiac, and me :D

    enlarge to see the images to enjoy the details as usual, final image and all in process ;)


     doodle  gaming  portal  cats  unicorn